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Look over there!

Obviously Unrehearsed Improv! is rolling out another installment of homegrown hilarity on April 5th, from 8-10pm. Bring a buddy to Oklahoma Memorial Union's REGENTS ROOM and as always, we suggest a $5 donation.
Hey, gang!

Don't forget, the show is this Saturday, Dec. 1st, 8pm, at the Oklahoma Memorial Union's Governors Room (the union is located at 900 Asp Avenue in Norman). Admission is $5 at the door or FREE with an OU student ID. Hope to see you all there!!!

December Show

Join OUI December 1st as they kick some comedy butt. Laugh off some of those Thanksgiving calories! Bring a friend, but bring kids under 14 at your discretion: Improv is improvised, after all. $5 at the door. 8pm, Oklahoma Memorial Union.

the 3 Improv Club Amigos!!!

Here's an email from Ms Raychel Winstead, regarding Improv Club:

Hello fellow improvisarios,

It's time for another Improv Club meeting! We will be meeting in the OU Student Union Food Court (also known as the Will Rogers Room) this Saturday, October 27th, from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. There'll be more of everything you loved from the previous meetings: more games for the people playing, more comedy for the people watching, and more info for the ... the people who like info, I guess. We'll also be finalizing our two upcoming street theater projects before it gets too cold, so get ready to get out and do some improv. The details again are:

WHERE: OU Student Union Food Court
WHEN: This Saturday (10/27) from 4 - 6 PM
WHAT: Workshops, games, fun things to see and do for all
WHO: You. Me. Him. Her. Y'all.
Hey Friends! Don't forget, Obviously Unrehearsed Improv! is having a show tomorrow evening at 8pm in the union's Scholars Room. Admission is $5 or FREE with OU ID. Bring a friend! :-)

Hello, improvisarios and friends!

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Here's a dispatch from the beloved Mary, our publicity lady, about the show coming up on Saturday:

Come join us this Saturday, September 29th in the Heritage Room on the second floor of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. The show will run from 8pm to 10pm with a 15 minute intermission.

This will be the farewell performance for Dave, who is leaving us for Chicago next month. The show will feature our regular games as well as some old favorites we have not played in several months.

This show is $5 but admission is free with an OU student ID. We will also have T-shirts and buttons for sale before and after the show. Hope to see you all there!

Just as a reminder...

Obviously Unrehearsed Improv!

Union Show on September 29th (11 days away! Are you prancing around in anticipation yet?!?), 8pm, room TBA. $5 at the door. ^_^ See you there!

September '07 events

Obviously Unrehearsed Improv's September happenings:

* Musician Auditions: Show up on Thursday, September 13th with your instrument at 7pm to audition to be an OUI musician. Auditions will be held in the Pioneer Room, Oklahoma Memorial Union.

* Improv Club: Friday, September 14th, 7-9 pm, Pioneer Room, Oklahoma Memorial Union.

* Union Show: Saturday September 29th, 8pm, location TBA, Oklahoma Memorial Union. Admission is $5 at the door.

A word on Improv Club: This is a hearkening back to the time when anyone could jump up and play in a game, regular player or otherwise. Anyone can come and play, and it's free. The 14th is the first meeting, and from there a schedule of days will be figured out based on interest. Come and play, or just watch. :-)
Yea, here's a copy/paste of what was sent(gotta love laziness) :

OU Improv! will be performing this Saturday, March 27th at 8:00pm in the
Heritage Room (2nd Floor) in the Union. (There will be a 7:00pm warm-up.)
Continuing in our series of guest MC's, this week's show will be hosted by
our own James Murray.

- We will be flyering on Wed from 11:30am-12:30pm on the South Oval. Meet up
in front of Gittinger Hall.
- We will be chalking starting at 1:00pm. Meet at the fountain on the West
Side of the Union (outside the Conoco Wing).

We want to know if any of you would rather chalking be done at night. Would
it be more convenient? Would more of you show up? Let me know and we can
make adjustments if necessary.

See you later this week!

Eric Webb
This is a cool idea but I dont think some of the core members are LJournal types.